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40 Days of Lent: St. Gabriel Daily Reflections

Daily Lent reflection videos from parishioners joining us from their homes!  Come back each day for a short time of Scripture reading, reflection and prayer.  

Virtual Stations of the Cross

Every Friday of Lent, join us for the Stations of the Cross presented by a different ministry.

Week 1: Women's Ministry

Week 2: Religious Education K-8

Week 3: St. Gabriel St. Vincent de Paul

Week 4: Knights of Columbus

Week 5: Deacon Ricardo (bilingual)

Week 6: Life Teen

Week 7: Father Michael (livestreamed)

The Search: Faith Retreat

What Jesus did for us through his life, death and resurrection was the greatest act of love in history. He saved us. He did this for each one of us. Personally. But some might feel unworthy of this gift of love. We may feel we have too much baggage. We may feel unlovable. But God didn’t come to reveal himself to us on a pedestal, he came to enter into our messy human condition. To fix us from within. To transform us from the inside out. Some might be surprised by how generous the love of God really is. We don’t deserve God’s love, but that’s the amazing reality of God’s mercy. This relationship with God isn’t all about our love for Him. It’s about His love for us that changes our lives forever.

Every Friday of Lent, join us in watching an episode of The Search on  The Search explores the journey in between the event we call "birth" and the one we call "death". Is the journey taking you somewhere, or are you leading yourself to some kind of destination - a destination that could extend beyond your last breath?  What do you want from your life during the in between?  This Lent, join us as we explore these questions and look at some answers.