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Holy Communion is God's gift of Himself to us.  As Catholics, we believe that the bread and wine at Mass are changed into Christ's Body and Blood.  This change is known as "Transubstantiation".  The whole substance of bread and wine is changed into the whole substance of Christ's Body and Blood, while the appearance of bread and wine remain.  


As Catholics, we believe that God grants us a sharing in Himself through our reception of His Body and Blood at Mass.  In order to receive Holy Communion, our souls should be in a state of grace, free from the corruption of mortal sin.  Anyone not in the state of grace should go to Reconciliation before receiving the Body and Blood of Christ.

We are invited to share in the Eucharistic meal every time we attend Mass and are in a state of grace.  Those who are not Catholic are invited to receive a blessing from the minister of Communion.

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