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The gift of...

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Time is so precious, in our busy lives there never seems to be enough of it.

How we spend our time says everything about our priorities in life.

Where does God fit in?

Giving our time to God might look like...

  • Going to Mass on Sunday or even daily Mass during the week. Mass is God's greatest gift to us and Sunday is our opportunity to unite with Him in the holy sacrifice.

  • Taking time out of our day to read a chapter of the Bible. The Bible is a powerful tool to turn our hearts and minds on the things of heaven.

  • Saying a short prayer when you wake up, before meals or at night before you go to sleep. Prayer is conversation with God. We have time for many conversations in our lives, our conversations with God should be our most important.

  • Stopping to help someone in need, even when we "don't have time" or it isn't convenient for us. Simply letting someone else go in front of us at the grocery store checkout can be a sign of Christian love poured out to our community. Giving our time to those in need is a gift of our time to God Himself.

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The gift of...

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