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For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

A gift of our treasure can be one of our greatest acts of faith. Money gives us a feeling of security and allows us to trust and rely on ourselves. This feeling of security and self-reliance can turn us away from God. By surrendering our treasure and our sense of security back to God, we free ourselves from the burden of self-reliance and put our trust back in God.

How much is God asking me to give?

There is no formula for giving. Giving is something we pray about and discuss with our family. An act of faith is putting God before our bills and the things that we want to buy for ourselves.


The Church offers four suggestions for sacrificial giving:

  1. In gratitude we return to God a first portion of our income.

  2. Our gift should be a sacrifice.

  3. We should give on a planned basis.

  4. Use the biblical tithe (10% of income) as a guide for giving.


Click here for the Catholic Family Tithing Calculator.

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