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Dear St. Gabriel Family,


This year is very joyful for our parish as we celebrate 50 years in Poway.  I would like to declare this a special Year of Family for our parish.  Last year, we embarked on a mission of observation and questioning through our Be My Witness ministry.  A great deal of the feedback we received provided the opportunity to grow in the area of ministry and evangelization for our families: husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, young children, school-aged children, teens and young adults.  As a result, we have made significant staffing changes to meet the growth needs in these areas.  We have re-structured our Religious Education program to include a more community-based, vibrant Middle School ministry.  We have hired a Middle School and Family Life 

Coordinator who is looking at specific ways to get families more involved in parish life.  Over the past few years we have worked hard to bolster our teen and young adult ministries. 


Family is a part of our identity from the moment we are born.  As we grow and develop, our roles within our family may change, but our need for connection and love remain the same.  God gifts us with this beautiful opportunity to experience love and to pour out love through intimate relationship.  As grandparents, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, children, we are given a taste of the love God the Father has for us in the love we share with each other. 


Faith should be at the very center of our minds and hearts.  Faith should be at the very center of our family lives.  Here at St. Gabriel we are exploring new and better ways to support our families and to help families grow together in their faith.  Your Stewardship pledge for 2023 will support us in expanding this effort.  The funds will be used to support new events, retreats, activities, and ministries here at the parish.  No matter what age or stage of life you are in, your financial support can help families of all ages grow in faith and connection with God and each other.  No donation is insignificant.  Sometimes it takes just one invitation, one positive interaction, to change someone’s heart and bring them back to Christ. 


I invite you to join us during this Year of Family.  Donate to our pledge effort.  Pray for families.  Renew your own family’s commitment to living your faith.


In His Service, Very Reverend Michael Froidurot

Help us budget for 2023 by filling out our Stewardship envelopes available in the Church.

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