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St. Gabriel is pleased to announce that we will be transitioning to Parish Staq by Pushpay as our new Parish Management Software.  As a Catholic based software platform, Parish Staq offers many advantages that will help our parish continue to flourish including:

  • Easy access to Pushpay Online Giving

  • The ability to access and update your own contact information through your online portal.

  • Easy access to online parish forms and other documents through your online portal.

  • The ability to view and join parish groups & ministries.

  • Access to our parish calendar with a comprehensive view of all events and ministries - all in one place!

  • Ministry volunteer schedules incorporated into your single online portal (replacing Ministry Scheduler Pro).  

  • A customized parish app with access to your online portal, online giving, ministry messaging and much more!  

Think of it as a database for all things St. Gabe's!
Over the next few months we will be transitioning, please stay tuned for more information about accessing our new online giving system: Pushpay and setting up your online portal access.
Information about downloading our parish app will also be available soon!


What will change?

We are currently using Breeze to manage both our parish database and our online giving.  ParishStaq and Pushpay integrate together to create one central system for parish management and online giving.  Initially, the transition will seem like a basic switch from one online giving platform (Breeze) to another (Pushpay).  As we continue to transition our database, you will be given access to our online portal through ParishStaq and will start to see many of the wonderful benefits of the system.

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