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Hey parents - 

You have been dedicated to caring for your kids since before they were born.  You have worked, prayed, and cried for them.  You have rejoiced with them and counseled them.  You have been their place of rest, their steady rock, and the one they run to when things are tough.  Your love has been the first model to them of the love of God.

Parenting is not getting any easier, but you are not in this alone.  Before you are a husband, wife, mom or dad, you are a son or a daughter.  Your identity as a child of God comes before anything else; this is the foundation on which every other call in your life is built.  As a community, we are focused on supporting our families and getting them what they need to live an authentic witness to Christ.  Join us as Matt & Amy Franklin lead us through a one-day retreat with time and space to nurture and strengthen your own faith and family.   

You invest in your families, let us invest in you.  Will you join us?

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